TENNET times your dreams

A watchmaker rooted in design excellence, TENNET combines modern craftsmanship with classic visual gestures, to create quality timepieces of unique aesthetics. 


"When a poem rhymes, when a form generates itself, when a metre provokes consciousness into new postures, it is already on the side of life. When a rhyme surprises and extends the fixed relations between words, that in itself protests against necessity. When language does more than enough, as it does in all achieved poetry, it opts for the condition of overlife, and rebels at limit."- Seamus Heaney 

The design of a watch is akin to creating poetry. While essential components lend form and function to the end product, it is the rhyme and rhythm which breathe soul into the creation. For the Somerset, the accents of each individual component, and the articulation of the case silhouette, give life, character and meaning to the watch.

Independent Watchmaker

TENNET is an independent watch boutique founded on the tenets of what make for a good company. Our independence means our agility and nimbleness to meet our community's needs, and ensures that we can always hold fast to our tenets.

Our Product

Watches are our product. We focus on good quality and timeless design, robust build quality using modern tools and machinery, and excellent mechanical reliability, stability and accuracy.


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Our tenets are: (i) make honest, good quality watches, (ii) provide good value to our customers, (iii) make the customer journey a cinch, (iv) be reliable and trustworthy, and (v) be a responsible stakeholder in our community.

Times Your Dreams

In short, our watches are not only good looking, they are built to last. Just like you are. And as you chase your dreams, TENNET times your dreams for you.

Co-Founder, Royce Wee

TENNET is an encapsulation of who Royce Wee is. The co-founder of TENNET began his career as a lawyer. He also worked in the government and the technology sector. Having been a watch collector for many years, Royce believes that the subtle details of a timepiece, often hidden in plain sight, distinguish it as a collectible work of art, that measures time yet stands outside of it.