“TENNET is founded on the belief that the best watches are not merely objects of desire. The watches we manufacture are machines that combine classic aesthetics with modern mechanical mastery.”

Introducing TENNET

TENNET is an independent watch boutique that believes in the core tenets of what make for good and reliable watches: good quality design paired with an excellent movement.

Introducing The Somerset

The Somerset brings us to an era when watches are worn with effortless grace. At the same time, they are watches meant to be worn through life’s adventures.

The Somerset is TENNET’s inaugural collection

The Somerset from TENNET is without compromise. Every single component of the watch is thoughtfully chosen, and made with the best materials in class, including a decorated Swiss mechanical movement.

Classic meets the Future

We adopted the spirit of Nolite Timere in creating The Somerset: to have no fear in reaching for the stars or diving into the unknown.

Discover Our Collection

The Somerset from TENNET comes in three variants. Each variant is made in an extremely limited run.